The price of air tickets will increase, good news for renters

The air transport industry is protesting. The National Federation of Merchant Aviation (Fnam) explains that the National Assembly "adopted, without discussion, a government amendment presented at the end of the examination of the amending finance law for 2010, massively increasing airport tax rates, intended to finance the State's sovereign missions, mainly security services and security measures". In fact, aeronautical loads will increase faster than inflation and above all "faster than air traffic, which has not returned to the level it was before 2008″. For example, for the airport tax alone on Orly and CDG, the increase is 15%, while inflation is expected to rise to 1.5% in 2010. This is rather good news for the car rental sector, which may take advantage of it to be more competitive on domestic routes if prices do not increase in this sector either. After the increase in the price of high-speed trains, it is now the turn of the air transport sector to be affected by an increase.
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