Renting a car: things you should learn

Insurances to rent a car In general, third party insurance is included in the rental price. It covers property damage and personal injury to a third party and their vehicle, even if you are at fault. You can also take…

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What are the procedures to follow after an accident or a theft of a rented car?

Renting a car includes procedures that must be stipulated in the contract. Whether you are renting through rental companies or renting between individuals, you need to find out about the benefits and exclusions of liability in the event of theft…

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Insurance, damages and penalties!

A driver faces all kinds of danger on the road. This is the case for vandalism or loss of the car, and at worst, accident scenarios. These are so expensive that the driver in charge is in difficulty. To remedy…

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What are the clauses of a car rental contract between private individuals?

A car is a moving element of daily life. But it has a price. Not everyone can afford to buy them. That’s why privileged people offer to rent some. And the contract can be concluded with both companies and individuals….

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What is the difference between car rental between private individuals and traditional rental?

Renting a car can become a headache if you lack information on the subject. There are two types of car rentals: those between private individuals and those through service recipients on the market. What is the difference between the two?…

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