Auto Escape helps online agencies to sell rentals

Auto Escape launches "Auto Escape Travel", a service offer to boost rental sales of "travel" websites. Called "Auto Escape Travel", this new tool aims to boost their car rental sales by generating traffic. Auto Escape offers its expertise and marketing tools to these partners: benchmarking, pricing and ROI measurement (return on investment). The "Auto Escape Travel" service is remunerated only on the results through a sales commission. This offer therefore allows online travel agencies from ê̂tre to ensure a positive return on investment. In addition, Auto Escape supports the costs of purchasing keywords and those related to the exposure, in price comparison sites, of the partner's car rental offer. "After 6 months of testing this service offer with one of the leading online travel agencies in France, the car rental section of this partner shows the following results: Monthly traffic multiplied by 7 and turnover multiplied by 16″
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