Advantages and disadvantages of renting through a car rental comparator

Many price comparison sites for car rental have been created on the Internet. A rapidly expanding market for a generation more web than face-to-face: these companies have indeed found a field that pleases and serves, but how do these comparators work? What do they offer and what disadvantages do they generate? Car rental comparators have advantages and disadvantages compared to agencies, which we have studied.


First of all, car rental comparators have a first interest, that of being able to choose among several brands, without having to travel and ask for rates. In a few clicks, you can find out the price according to the rental period, the number of kilometres, and the type of vehicle. The comparators also offer you reservations at preferential rates, being themselves partners with the stores. In addition, some of them provide you with comments and testimonies from people who have already tested a particular type of rental, which allows you to have a concrete example to make your choice.


Unfortunately, car rental comparators do not list all agencies (although they do post many) and the Internet means that the indicated rates are not necessarily updated. Result: you book a car, and when you have to return it to the agency, the price is not the same. In addition to that, the testimonials are interesting but depend on so many specific conditions and contexts, that you may be disappointed with a car that is well rated on the site, depending on how you use it. The best way to test a car is to test it.
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