What is the difference between car rental between private individuals and traditional rental?

Renting a car can become a headache if you lack information on the subject. There are two types of car rentals: those between private individuals and those through service recipients on the market. What is the difference between the two?

First, car rental between individuals

Car rental between private individuals is, as its name suggests, a contract concluded between two natural persons. The one who wants to rent, and the other who doesn't work in the rental business but just rents his vehicle. There are no specific rules. Each person who rents his car stipulates them on a car rental site in Europe like www.drivy.com. This procedure has specific advantages for the person who wants to make a cheap rental. Indeed, the rate between individuals is much lower than that of traditional rental. The fact of being able to find the car you are looking for, to rent it without having to travel is also a strong point of this rental mode.

Secondly, classic or traditional rental

For classic rentals, you will have to go through companies. You can make a reservation by going directly to their offices or through their car rental websites. You will have the choice among all the vehicles of these operators are only there for rental. Service providers in this field can offer you other cars if something unexpected happens. The most recent models on the market can be offered to you. This offers you a considerable opportunity and not to be missed if you are fond of something new. Certainly the classic rental is much more expensive than a rental between individuals, but if you want to rent a car and enjoy the services of professionals, this is the option you need.

The difference between classic rental and rental between private individuals

The price is the first parameter that differentiates them. There is a big gap between the two. Since the classic rental is the most expensive, the rental procedure has been simplified. The one between private individuals is based on a flow of trust between the landlord and the tenant. The owner can be more flexible about when to return the car. On the other hand, for traditional rentals, you must respect the time at which your rental begins and the time at which it must end, at the risk of being penalized.
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