Hertz announces investments in solar equipment

Recently, Hertz has made a number of decisions to promote the rental of environmentally friendly electric vehicles. Hertz has now decided to move up a gear by installing solar panels in some of its locations across the United States. The first phase will consist of installing solar panels in selected locations. They are expected to generate more than 2.3 million watts. The objective is to have everything in place by the third quarter of 2011. The Hertz agency at Denver International Airport served as the pilot for the project. Last December, 235 kW solar panels were installed to produce 342,766 kW of electricity to power air conditioning systems. This installation should reduce CO2 emissions by almost 295 tonnes. "Hertz wants to be an example for the sector in terms of ecology. "said Richard Broome, Senior Vice President of Hertz. "After having invested in the field of electric cars and low-emission vehicles, reducing our water consumption is now this solar program, we are at the forefront of the environmental fight. We are in the process of reconciling customer service, ecology, efficiency and economic growth. »
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