What are the procedures to put your car on rental ?

Today, the automotive landscape is taking a whole new turn. Indeed, the economic crisis, particularly the car budget, is not without consequences for many households. With the car-sharing formula, rental requests have multiplied. In this context, some owners are considering renting their own car. In professional agencies or between individuals, car rental has been taking off for some time. It can become a solution to amortize the cost, a way for some to make ends meet or perhaps even a source of income for others. Please note that on average, an owner can earn up to 900 € per year with this manual. If you want to try the experience, you will see that renting your car is not complicated. It is just necessary that the owner and tenant play their respective roles well. To do this, you only have to follow a few steps.

The intermediary

First of all, you should know that renting a car to a private individual without an intermediary is strictly prohibited. The first step is to find an agency that specializes in this type of transaction. www.justacar.fr is a reference in this field. His mission consists in putting in contact private owners who wish to rent their car with those who want to have a car, near his home. You do not have to worry about canvassing in search of tenant customers, because it is the agency that will do it for you. Note: if you plan to rent your car for a few days of the week, for a weekend or during holiday periods, you must impose your schedule so that the rental does not trample on your own needs.

The inscription of the car

Once this choice is made, you must then register your car. To do this, the car must meet certain eligibility criteria. As far as you know, no one wants to rent a car in bad condition. It is therefore one of the basic principles for renting a car. Make sure your car is well maintained for the customer's comfort. Technical details are also very important. In principle, these are only some information about the car. Thus, the following are to be considered: the maximum age of the car, maintenance, vehicle registration, the fuel it consumes, its model, your geographical area, the gearbox, etc. Conditions vary according to the agency and each owner will find his happiness according to the characteristic of his vehicle. In addition, you must provide the rental price. If your car meets all the membership criteria, all you have to do is honour your share: give the keys to the tenant.

The insurance

What about the car insurance? Since this is your private car, you must take out insurance as required by law. However, if an accident, theft, contravention or traffic violation occurred during the rental period, you are not liable. The lease agreement provides that it is the intermediary agency that comes into play in such a situation. Another car insurance company will then take care of all the costs.
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